Taken Liberties



This is more than just a film, this is a documentary!

After all, EVERYONE knows that all those sneaky Albanian folks are up to no good!  They WILL kidnap your precious white daughter and they WILL subject her to the sex trade forever, because they are ALL dirty animals! FACTS are not RACISM!

EVERYONE knows that the good old USA are the real heroes of the world! Standing up to the slimy sub-humans with their vile sex slave trade! Good old Liam Neeson shows the world how the WEST deals with such SLIME and degredation!

EVERYONE knows that women are stupid and have to have a strong man in their life! KIm isn’t a character, she’s real! Let this film be a lesson to you teenage girls, that if you don’t listen to your daddy, then you WILL be kidnapped and forced into the sex slave trade, you WILL! 

EVERYONE knows that ex-wives are heartless bitches! They marry men who are ineffectual because, because… ermm….

EVERYONE knows that the French are in bed with the arab villainy, because the French are DAMN COWARDS! ALL OF THEM! 

….Except for the part where none of this is actually true.

I do enjoy this film, I really do.  But when you really look at the plot, the racial and sexual politics on show here are just vile.  I looked at the role of fatherhood in action films for my dissertation, and when you read into Taken, even just slightly, the film just comes across awfully.  Of course I absolutely do NOT! believe any of the above statements,  but they permeate the narrative of Taken inside and out.  The choice of villains here are so incredibly revealing of the current post 9/11 political consciousness, ‘Arabs are bad mm’kay, ‘Murican’s are good’.  In another era the criminal gang would probably have been Russian, or even Chinese.  

I can’t really explain it eloquently here, so what I’ll do if people want to read more is I’ll post the relevant chapter from my dissertation on this blog, because that explains my point so much better than I’m doing here (aaand its a cheap way to attract followers as well 😉 )  


4 thoughts on “Taken Liberties

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