Welcome dear readers to One Pound Wonders, my film-related spin-off to the main ‘life of T’ blog.

For the past few years now, me and my Grandma have had a shared interest in those cheap films you can find in the bargain bucket of your local supermarket, it has now become tradition that every Christmas, we gift each other with a particularly cheap and cheerful film (such illustrious titles include Gladiator Cop, A Trilogy of Murder, Yellow Hair and many more).   A yuletide tradition that I genuinely look forward to, seeing what spectacles of cheese and incompetence grace my screen, providing me with 90 odd minutes of joy (something which cant be said for too many Newcastle United games).

It should be noted that I am still incredibly green around the gills when it comes to the world of blogging and as such I probably won’t land on a fixed tone straight away.

So, with that being said, here is my blog dedicated to these oft-overlooked gems of cinema. The straight-to-DVD stunners, the One Pound Wonders.  Enjoy.


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